Supporting Organisations Who Support Better Living in Our Communities

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    There is a growing moment to improve our communities through gardening. Schools are educating our children about the importance of gardening, growing and enjoying fresh food and promoting better health. Organisations are also helping to care for their surroundings by building communities of volunteers who donate their time to improve our public spaces.  Growing food for those who are less fortunate and with limited access to healthy food, demonstrating the healing and therapeutic benefits of  gardens for the elderly, recovering from an illness or physically challenged.

    Corona Cares supports those organisation by donating the tools they need to maintain gardens and landscapes throughout the United States and beyond. Each month, Corona grants up to two organisations in need of equipment by providing them with the tools they need for their project to succeed. And because we believe it's a community effort, we'll share our Corona Cares partner updates with our community on social networks who can help partners get additional tools they need as they grow.